The Balance Comes from Within.

Life can feel very overwhelming, the day-to-day demands of home and work can create stressful burdens that can be draining and challenging to deal with; pressures and expectations at work, along with challenging customer needs can set you into a tailspin within a moment’s notice and can quickly go into high gear once you encounter a technical issue with your computer or other devices not working!  Add to this mix, the stress that can arise in working with your co-workers, clients, or outside vendors.  

At home, there are personal relationships and demands to tend to…the needs of your family members, household duties, bills to pay, and somewhere in the mix, you have your own personal health and wellness needs (that’s if you slow down enough to recognize what those are)!  For many (perhaps you), this is what would be considered just another “normal” day. As a result, you plow along feeling tired and unwell…only to think that the idea of having any sense of work/life balance is nothing more than wishful thinking… 

Perhaps it is time to come to terms that what is considered “another normal day” is causing havoc to your health and well-being…in and out of work.

It’s true, having a life of work-life balance is becoming harder to come by. The demands mentioned earlier are not going to magically go away.  You cannot sit back only to wait and hope that your stressful situations will someday change with the weather; rather, you must have the courage to recognize that when the weather gets bad, you must decide how to respond to it, just as if you were to decide if you need an umbrella when the weather gets cloudy!  

The beauty is that you get to choose. This is where the balance from within comes…you can choose to change your perspective, to learn and develop your skills to cope and deal with your stressful situations; and attend to those stressful situations in a well and positive manner.  The ability to choose requires the courage to love yourself…to be kind to yourself, and connect to what your wellness needs are…body, mind, and spirit.  

Yes, it is easier said than done.  But what is the alternative? To allow your stress loads to keep crushing you like a heavy load of rocks ̶̶ ̶ thus creating such a burden that you are weighed-down and lose sight of your whole-person wellbeing?  Or, do you make the decision to take matters into your own hands and carefully construct those rocks into a beautiful designed piece of artwork-̶ thus creating your own balance from within? The choice is yours.