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Self-Awareness is Your Power

Are you ready to experience...

…enhanced leadership skills to make better decisions more quickly and confidently?

…increased team morale and engagement which encourages new ideas and perspectives?

…more adaptivity and resiliency by building stronger social and emotional intelligence?

…engaged critical thinking to navigate complex situations and think more strategically?

…improved quality of life, both personally and professionally?

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Through transformational coaching and supportive online training, our clients
are EMPOWERED to become the best version of themselves, lead others with confidence and
resiliency to create a positive workplace culture that encourages everyone to
work, live and be well.

Develop the professional and interpersonal skills needed to work, live and be and out of the workplace.

You CAN have mastery in your life to not just survive, but THRIVE!


As a transformational leadership and well-being coach, Lisa works with motivated individuals to reach their best selves by developing their leadership presence and the skills they need to lead themselves within their personal and professional lives so they can work, live and be well. 

Lisa is a nationally certified and accredited executive coach through the International Coaching Federation. In addition to holding a Masters in Health and Wellness Psychology, she is also a National Board certified Health and Wellness Coach and has certifications in social-emotional intelligence and conflict management. 

From owning and operating a Fortune 500 franchise to sitting on the board of directors for a major behavioral health organization, Lisa has an extensive background in leadership, business, and behavioral health with over 25 years of leadership experience. 


Whether you’re looking for: 

  • professional development and transformational coaching
  • a workshop program
  • online training
  • or a captivating speaker for your next virtual or live event…

…your first step toward creating a Vital Transformation for you or your organization, in and out of the workplace, starts here with Vital Transformations and Lisa’s empowering coaching services.


Step into your best self in your personal and professional life.

Vital Transformations’ leadership development executive coaching will elevate your leadership focus and bring forth a greater awareness of your skills and talents to give you the confidence, motivation, and capacity you need to be a purposeful leader that inspires others to be their very best.

Lead-Well by Design is our signature Development Coaching Program.

With a focus on purpose, mindset, well-being, and leadership, this coaching and online training helps individuals build their resilience to overcome the obstacles of daily life, and learn how to thrive, not just survive, at work and at home for greater overall quality of life.

Get our signature workshop program: The Power of ANTS.

When it comes to a well-workplace environment, a positive mindset is needed to manage automatic negative thoughts to enhance critical thinking, for greater
well-being in and out of the workplace. 

In this employee training, you and your team can replace negative energy by Transforming Automatic Negative Thoughts by Actively Navigating Towards Success.

Looking for a motivational speaker to elevate your leadership presence at your next virtual or live event?

As an executive and leadership coach, Lisa is a masterful storyteller who engages her audience with real-world insight and perspective toward self-leadership mastery for greater work-life well-being, positive mindset, resiliency, and quality of life. 

Lisa A. Pérez


Professional Transformation

Develop the self-awareness and skills needed to lead oneself and others well:
  • Develop a strategic and supportive leadership style
  • Create purpose-driven, successful business outcomes
  • Foster a supportive culture for your team in doing meaningful work
  • Increase employee engagement and well-being by building teams who feel cared for and valued
  • Overcome imposter syndrome

Personal Transformation

Gain personal empowerment and create a positive internal shift:
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your whole-person well-being
  • Become a self-leader who is motivated to grow into your authentic self
  • Engage positively with others at work and home
  • Lead yourself and others with joy and confidence so that you can thrive and not just survive.

Start your own transformative journey toward a whole-person lifestyle so you can LIVE WELL, WORK WELL and BE WELL.

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