"life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

Get to know Lisa pérez

Lisa is a highly successful leadership & wellbeing coach who helps individuals to find it within themselves to transform their lives to work, live, and be-well.  As a speaker, Lisa engages her audience with real-world perspective and insight toward self-leadership mastery for work-life wellbeing, positive mindset and resiliency.

Lisa A. Pérez, M.A., ACC, NBC-HWC, is highly successful transformational leadership and well-being coach.  Lisa works with motivated individuals to reach their best-self by developing their leadership presence and capacity…rich with meaning and purpose, in and out of work. From, top level corporate and self-employed leaders to high-potential leaders moving up the corporate latter, Lisa partner’s with individuals to develop the skills they need to lead themselves well within their personal & professional lives to work, live, and be-well.

Lisa is an author, public speaker and the founder and CEO of Vital Transformations which provides professional leadership and well-being coaching, workshops, and resources to assist individuals to develop the mindset and capacity one needs to be the best version of themselves for greater well-being, work performance, and quality of life.

Hi, I'm Lisa A. Pérez

From my own personal and professional experiences, and education, I know that in order to thrive and not just survive, one must lead themselves from within to successfully work, live, and be-well.  As a result, I have dedicated my life in helping working professionals and individuals to develop the mindset, skills, capacity and resources they need to develop their self-leadership mastery for work-life wellbeing, resiliency, and personal success. 

I invite you to sign-up for my complementary e-course that helps you to identify the five Vital Steps you can take toward being your best-self; and set you on your path toward your transformational journey to actively navigate toward success to work ,live, and be-well (regardless of where you are right now within your life course).