Power of ANTS

Transforming Automatic Negative Thoughts 


Actively Navigating Towards Success

Have you ever tried to tackle a new challenge or accomplish a goal and felt like it was a losing cause?  Have you been frustrated working on a project with team members that do not seem to be engaged or take things too personally?         

Situations like this can take the momentum and focus out of any activity!  When it comes to a well-workplace environment, a positive mindset is what is needed to manage negative thinking.  Research shows that automatic negative thoughts prevent individuals and teams from actively navigating toward a well and productive workplace that builds positive engagement and morale within a team. 

This interactive, onsite (evidence-based) presentation will show you how to effectively manage those automatic negative thoughts (pesky ANTs) which prevents individuals from reaching their goals,  enhance communication and enjoy greater work/life well-being!

Program Takeaways:

    • Take Charge! Learn how your whole-person well-being can be your best resource to take charge over negative thought processes.
    • Those Pesky ANTs! Learn how to take a positive approach to managing Automatic Negative Thoughts (pesky ANTs) for greater well-being at work and home.
    • Thrive at Work! Discover what is a well-workplace environment for you and your teammates to not just survive, but to THRIVE!

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