What Our Clients Have to Say....

When I was first approached by my coach, Lisa Perez to take the Stress Mastery test, I was a bit reluctant. I felt that I already knew I was stressed and what made me stressed, but after taking the test and review the results with Lisa, I was able to see some things in a different perspective and embrace the challenge rather than allow it to tear me down. I have found out that accepting whatever is thrown my way and rising above it not only allows my body to relax, but also allows my thought process to be clearer and more focused.

When reviewing my test results with Lisa, I found her to be empathetic and yet humanizing. She seemed to relate and understand what and why, but yet offered solutions or openly correlated to my results and explained what she did to overcome her own stresses.

Lisa gave me small steps to try and live heathier and also help relieve common stresses. Small things like drink a bottle of water every day for a week. Then go for a 20-minute walk every day for the next week while still drinking that bottle of water daily. Gradually from there, I have been able to add in my own small “stress-relief” habits and it has greatly helped my sleep, my mood and my attention span.

Since the start of the ANT’s program within our department we have gained a strong sense of team work, Self-awareness and responsibility.  This program has helped all of us look at what it takes to have a well-environment that is strong, healthy and respectful.  At the start of our program sessions, we were able to bring forth areas that were hard to overcome, communicate or to even listen to others talk about.  The ANT’s program gave all of us the chance to express, validate and appreciate each other in ways that we never thought possible.   Our department finished the program, and our team then decided to also continued to the second phase of the program which re-enforced what a well-environment can be and our sustainability of our environment still remains today. 

At the start of our program our department survey reported that we were at a Tier 2, needing improvement in some employee satisfaction areas, as staff were looking for a deeper connection, engagement, and feeling of gratitude and acknowledgment.  I am happy to report that this year, after we now have completed all phases of the ANT’s program our survey revealed we have reached a Tier 1 status.  This means that staff within our department is moving in the right direction, their thoughts and ideas are being noticed, their interaction with their team members are respectful, open, and appreciated.   As a leader, it is my passion to assure that the entire team is engaged, appreciated and that we all work in the best environment possible.  Out team uses the ANT’s program as our way to communicate and the  tools we were given each and every day.  We also had several of our dept. leaders and employees use the individual sessions for their own personal growth and it has shown to help them grow as leaders as well.

Thank you very much for bring this program, I would strongly recommend this program to all departments. 

I started working with Lisa Perez in early 2020.
If you have seen a positive change in how I work and interact, I would attribute it to her coaching.
She doesn’t tell you what to do in the way she coaches. She goes on the journey with you. Guides when you are ready to make changes, but allows you the space and time to make those changes. She is not your “therapist” but has resources if you need a “therapist” and are part of SCAHC benefits.
We need more positive people on our side. To help coach us through our own challenges.

She also takes the time to acknowledge the changes that have been made.I would personally recommend her to all of you! This is a covered benefit and no money is involved on our end.

I have had the pleasure of having Lisa Perez as my coach through work. She is an amazing woman and coach, she has helped me learn the areas in my life that I have been struggling with for years. Mostly my stress and how my anger and health issues can be due to the high stress risks I have in many areas. Lisa has and is still helping me learn way to overcome my stress such as the Stress Mastery tool. Learning where my stress comes from has helped me to single out what areas I need to work on first and finding out why the scores were so high is the first hard step.

Lisa has shared personal experiences with me and that has really helped me as I am going through the same and or very similar situations that have caused me to derail from my true purpose in life. Knowing and seeing someone of her accomplishments has helped me realize I do not have to own this torment of my past I am strong enough to overcome it.

Coaching through Vital Transformations has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve taken back control of my life, through the many different tools provided through Lisa’s program. I’ve been involved in her program for the last three years and have grown tremendously both personally and professionally. The program has taught me so much about myself as well as everything around me and I have a new outlook on life. I’m much happier in the work I do and in the connections I share with others. Lisa is very patient, understanding and I am eternally grateful for the experience and tools that that her program has provided. I highly recommend Lisa based a lot on my own personal experiences through the program. She has been such an inspiration and gift in my life.