Work Behavior Inventory


The Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) describes an individual’s personality in terms of their behavioral work styles – the characteristics of how they act and interact at work.  These characteristics are what drive each person’s success.



  1. After Purchase, you will receive an invite within 48 hours 

  2. Upon completion of the assessment, you will schedule a debriefing session (link provided in email) 


Benefits of the WBI

  • Measures personality and work behaviors of applicants and employees in a highly reliable manner, especially when compared to other personality tests (median reliability of .85 vs. a median of .75 for other personality tests).
  • Optimizes the fit between people and position requirements specific to each organization.
  • Reduces cost of assessing internal or external candidates for job opportunities and roles.
  • Helps assure optimal quality, productivity and effectiveness of the workforce by increasing the confidence in the organization’s talent assessment.
  • The Work Behavior Inventory has been shown to be valid for measuring the underlying constructs and is legally defensible.